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  • Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833
Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833

Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833

  • Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833
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  • Siemens Spare Parts
  • Delivery Time:1-3 days
  • Product description: Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833

Siemens 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833


Brand Name SIEMENS 12 16mm Feeder STRIP MOTOR 00350833
Part Number 00350833
Warranty 1 month
Ensure Test in machine before shipping
Usage for Machine SIEMENS ASM
Guarantee Original 100%
Delivery Methods Ocean Transport, Air Transport, Air Express Services
SIEMENS 80S15 X MOTOR BB58.82.11-SN3-S
SIEMENS 00119032
SIEMENS CAMERA 00315224-06
SIEMENS NOZZLE 418 00322544-03
SIEMENS NOZZLE 901 00322603-04
SIEMENS NOZZLE 904 00322602-05
SIEMENS NOZZLE 913 00345020-03
SIEMENS NOZZLE 915 00321862-07
SIEMENS NOZZLE 917 00321863-05
SIEMENS NOZZLE 918 00321864-07
SIEMENS NOZZLE 921 00325970-04
00343441-05; 03047212-02 (E) encoder incremental p/axis x, ms100x HS50; HS60
00332557-03 (E) pci, can/bus HS50; HS60
03039402-01 (E) module i/o HS50; HS60
00349285-01 (E) pci, lighting camera blue HS60
00352364-02 (E) sensor de proximidade HS50
03044925-02 (E) pci, communic, tape cutter HS50; HS60
G5G5-86-150-385-001-015N (E)bumber a gás 15N HS50; HS60
00333491-01 (E) flat cable, SP6/12 HS50
00341220-01 (E) flat cable p/lighting da head HS50
00329522-01 (E) correia sincr. 13T5/1035 dr HS50
00364783-01 (E) sensor fotoelétrico bb2 HS60
00363091-02 (E) sensor, p/parada HS60
00343442-01 (E) leitor de escala axis Y HS50; HS60
00342491S01; 3RV10 (E) disjuntor 0,45-063A HS50; HS60
00335411-01 (E) axis LPH 467mm (min-12) HS50
00372446-01 (E) pci, communic HS60
00356841-01 (E) correia sincr. 12T5/2675 HS60
00356851S01 (E) correia sincr. 2,5T5/990 HS60
00330977-01 (E) correia sincr. 12T5/2855 HS50
00329073-02 (E) fonte de alimentação +5v/24v HS50; HS60
00335214S02 (E) motoredutor HS50


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1) This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
If you still have any question, please contact us by e-mail/ skype/ phone/ wechat online service.
2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
If the part is less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.
3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
4) How can I buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)
A. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.
B. Negotiate and confirm the final price , shipping , payment methods and other terms.
C. Send you the proforma invoice and confirm your order.
D. Make the payment according to the method put on proforma invoice.
E. We prepare for your order in terms of the proforma invoice after confirming your full payment And 100% quality check before shipping.
F.Send your order by air or by sea.
5)Why choose us ?
A. We have customer world wide, you can check our credit service with them !
B. Free Online installation, traning, programming and technical support !
C. One stop full Through Hole Assembly Line Equipments Solutions !


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